Terms of Service

If you use ImageOss free image bed service, it means that you accept the following terms by default.

This site has turned on the automatic review of pornography. If you upload illegal images, the IP will be automatically deleted and blocked. This site reserves the right to report users who violate the rules.

1. It is strictly forbidden to upload and share the following types of pictures

1. Copyright infringement, unauthorized images;

2. Images containing pornography, violence, or promoting terrorism;

3. Images related to adult sexual products;

4. Images containing horrific bloody scenes;

5. Pictures containing VPN related information;

6. The picture containing the QR code information;

7. Pictures with watermarks on pornographic sites;

8. Other illegal pictures (including but not limited to pictures containing illegal information such as gambling, computer viruses, Trojan horses, scams, fake drugs, etc.);

9. Pictures that violate Chinese laws and regulations;

10. Images that violate the laws and regulations of the United States, Canada, and the European Union;

11. Pictures that violate the laws and regulations of Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries or regions.

Two. Notes

1. Except for violating the terms of service, all pictures will not be deleted, even pictures that have no traffic for many years will not be deleted;

2. We provide unlimited image storage space and unlimited traffic, but please use it reasonably. We reserve the right to restrict if abuse seriously affects other users;

3. Since the content of the QR code cannot be recognized, all pictures containing the QR code may be deleted;

4. Please do not upload the same file multiple times;

5. The external link authority of the pictures on this site is for network use only, not for app software calls;

6. Even if the pictures do not violate the regulations, links to illegal websites or apps are prohibited;

7. We may block the external link authority of some non-compliant websites;

8. The administrator has the right to delete pictures that are deemed inappropriate;

9. We reserve the right to change or modify some or all of the Terms of Service at any time.

Three, other terms

ImageOss reserves the right to interpret these terms of service.